“Captain Comeback” and his team strike again

If you missed Saturday afternoon’s NFL playoff game between the New Orleans Saints and the San Francisco 49ers, you can start kicking yourself (unless you already have been for several days now).  I don’t recall seeing a more frenetic fourth quarter ever, especially in the last four minutes, where the lead changed four separate times.

Alex Smith proved something to America on Saturday. He proved that he is a playoff-caliber quarterback who can win the big game, just like his predecessors Joe Montana and Steve Young.  Even if  the 49ers don’t win the Super Bowl, Alex Smith has earned my respect, as well as that of many football fans around the country.

Personally, I think it would be fascinating to see a Jim Harbaugh vs. John Harbaugh Super Bowl, especially since San Francisco’s coach Jim Harbaugh was a beloved and terrific quarterback for my Indianapolis Colts in the 1990s. “Captain Comeback” nearly took the team to the Super Bowl in 1996 through his sheer will, determination, toughness, and tenacity. I still have my Jim Harbaugh #4, Indianapolis Colts jersey.

I definitely do not want to see an evil empire of  New England versus New York Giants rematch. One can hardly imagine any championship game equally the greatness of last Saturday afternoon’s game in San Francisco.

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