Adventures in new doggy daddyhood

Now that my adopted American Eskimo dog (Eskie) named Relay has been living with me for a few days, I thought I would list some heartwarming and humorous initial observations of his mannerisms.

  • Relay’s boundless energy and love are quite inspiring – I just wish there was a way to bottle them.
  • When there is snow on the ground, he moves forward with his nose plowing through the snow, clearing a path ahead and taking in every aroma the Earth has to offer.  “Snowplow” would have been another good name for him.
  • When it is really cold out (with or without windchill), it does not bother him in the least. In some ways it even seems to invigorate him with an added boost of Nordic energy.
  • I love walking him after dark when there is less traffic and you can enjoy the sights and sounds of a mid-winter night. A very peaceful and enjoyable time to walk together.
  • I cannot figure out why he easily notices every other human being or dog within intercontinental radar range, but never seems to noticed the deer crossing the road just a couple hundred yards ahead of us, even when I try to point them out.
  • I am fairly certain my right arm is now two inches longer than the left.
  • It is fascinating what he decides to (and not to) leave his scent mark upon.  So far, no scent marking on the fireplug, but he is now is King of every meager pile of snow within a mile of my apartment.
  • Other dogs barking at him don’t bother him in the least, but those who don’t pay attention to him are briefly scolded by Relay for not doing so. Sort of a “hey, I’m here now, so take notice.”
  • Wet, sloppy kisses are his forte.
  • You definitely notice the difference between a 15 pound dog sitting on your lap and a 35-40 pound dog.
  • Relay’s tiny white eyelashes that protect his eyes in cold, snowy weather are really, really fascinating. We cold-climate humans need to evolve more and get a pair of these – new cool and styling fashion statement.
  • We will be walking nice and calmly, when all of a sudden it’s like someone announced a free dog food sale. Relay will take off for some unknown and unseen objective, which usually turns out to be a new place to leave his scent.
  • I pity any rabbits, chipmunks, or squirrels who decide to stroll by the sliding glass door in my apartment. They are in for one rude awakening.
  • When I get home, Relay enjoys bringing me a sock (or a single rolled pair of socks) – never chewed, just presented like a housewarming gift or trophy. It is very cute.
  • I get a kick out of how he spins around in happy circles when we are preparing to go outside, though it makes it harder to put his leash on. But, it is an endearing quality that I would never want to change.
  • Relay is so smart that I sometimes feel like I’m his pet.
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6 Responses to Adventures in new doggy daddyhood

  1. Pete Denton says:

    That is a gorgeous looking dog. It’s always good when you feel more like the pet than the owner!


  2. Rick Brown says:

    Thanks, Pete. I agree.


  3. Rick-
    Congratulations on your adoption. From your post he seems like a really wonderful and special guy. We hope you and Relay will stop in and see us at the Happy Husky Bakery.

    Best, Todd


  4. Lindsey says:

    Has Relay howled at an passing sirens yet? That has to be one of the cutest and one of my favorite mannerisms he has. 🙂



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