I just don’t get it????

I have observed something quite curious recently when approaching busy intersections with a traffic signal. Quite often one of the through lanes will have many cars backed up in line waiting for the signal to change, while the other through lane only has a couple of cars waiting for the signal to change. I could see how the right lane might have a few more cars in it due to those turning, but that cannot possibly account for times when there are five to ten times as many cars waiting in line.

I have no explanation for this phenomenon other than perhaps the drivers are not paying attention or just don’t care if they have to wait more than one cycle at the light. It does seem to be a more common occurrence at rush hour or during the noon hour.

What I just don’t get, is why someone would willfully sit in an elongated line of cars that has no possible chance of making it through the light in the first (or second) cycle, when the directly adjacent lane has noticeably fewer cars in it and much less likelihood for delay. If anyone has an explanation, I am all ears.

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