A midwinter dawn – the poem

As I mentioned Sunday in the original post about my three-mile walk with Relay, I thought the subject would be great for a poem. Below is the poetic version of the post that I have come up with. I hope you like it.

Midwinter Dawn

Dark midwinter drapes

Are gradually withdrawn

Replaced with faint pastels

Through an emerging new dawn

The glimmering night stars

Recede from clear view

Now cloaked by blue skies

As the day beckons anew

Fossilized footprints

Encrusted in white snow

Bear quick, fleeting evidence

Of past wayfarer’s flow

Nature starts to awaken

From its long, heavy slumber

From an owl’s haunting voice

To a cardinal’s sweet number

Warm breath is expelled

Amid the crisp, polar air

Vanishing into nothingness

With limited fanfare

A meandering stream

Surface frozen in place

Yet beneath its hard mantle

Waters continue to race

An eerie, hushed silence

Envelopes the whole scene

Despite occasional cars

The setting is serene

Winter’s cold is therapeutic

Purifying heart and soul

By enhancing the little things

And making them special

Refreshed and rekindled

By January’s sharp flavor

Its arctic incarnation

Is something to savor.


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2 Responses to A midwinter dawn – the poem

  1. Holly Comstock says:

    Delightful poem Thanks for sharing your talent


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