The Danish carbon footprint diet – cycling


Most of us have heard of the Hollywood diet, the South Beach diet, and many other trendy weight reduction plans. Well, in Denmark, they are showing the rest of us how easy, fun, and healthy it is to go on a carbon footprint diet. The average resident of this lovely Nordic nation bicycles nearly 600 miles (965 kilometers) each and every year. The European Cyclists’ Federation has determined that if residents of other nations in Europe cycled at the Danish rate, there would be a reduction in carbon emissions of between 12 percent and 26 percent depending on the previous form of transportation that was used prior to bicycling.


Needless to say, that would certainly soften our carbon footsteps. Furthermore, it shows that you do not have to reside or work in a tropical climate to achieve great environmental improvements through cycling. Add in the health and fitness benefits derived from cycling and you have a win, win, win strategy.  Congratulations to the Danes for trail-blazing a beneficial pathway toward a lighter carbon footprint, fitter citizens, and a healthier planet, one pedal at a time.

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