Hey Apple….think different and put a store here?

I am not certain how each retailer chooses where locate a store, but I am sure there are many similarities and a few company-specific differences. What I cannot figure out, is how a metropolitan region with more than 500,000 residents, that is the state capital, and has somewhere in the ballpark of 80,000 are college students, does not have an Apple store. Michigan State University, Lansing Community College, Olivet College, Davenport University, Baker College, Great Lakes Christian, and several branch campuses are all situated here. What more could you ask for as a hip company?

Many people throughout Greater Lansing love Apple and its products.I see MacBooks, iPods, IPhones, and other Apple products everywhere in Greater Lansing, but yet there is no Apple store located here. Sorry Apple, but that makes no sense to me and I am the owner of a MacBook Pro and an iPod Nano, not to mention the plethora of Apple products owned by my sons and daughter-in-law.

To me, any company as cool and smart as Apple should be thinking differently in regards to store locations too and would want to locate retail stores in every major university metro area in the country before plopping them down in run-of-the-mill suburban sites.  College students are the early adopters of new products and technology, so why don’t you have a store in Greater Lansing? Here’s a nice map from MDOT to help you find a location. Hope to see you soon. : )

Source: MDOT

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4 Responses to Hey Apple….think different and put a store here?

  1. jmfayal says:


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  2. I’d use an Apple store here. Right now I’m commuting to Grand Rapids and putting money into its economy rather than ours.


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