Tragic trainwrecks in music – now Whitney

Amy Winehouse, Michael Jackson, and now Whitney Houston. All three are sad and tragic stories from the world of pop music. While they certainly are not the only performers to have died far earlier than they should have, these three  pop icons of music have passed away in the past several years from circumstances that may have been averted with greater intervention by those surrounding them.

Perhaps I am a bit naive, but it seems to me that the vast entourages that accompany icons should be much more proactive in their efforts to prevent a tragedy.  Who knows, perhaps they are blinded by the glamour to? In the end, it is the artist themselves who has to make a personal commitment toward changing their actions to avoid a potential trainwreck.

There are a plethora of musical artists out there that are fighting or have fought addictions during their career. Some, like Keith Richards and Steven Tyler have survived. Others, for whatever reason, do not. Each time this happens, we are reminded how fragile life really is. If you know someone who is struggling with an addiction, there is no time like the present to step in and try to make a difference. Otherwise, we all experience once again, a tragic day when music died.

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2 Responses to Tragic trainwrecks in music – now Whitney

  1. comacentral says:

    Yes I think you are naive. The music industry is based on exploitation not really art. True Whitney was an adult and but she was surrounded by those who live off the vulnerabilities of the talented. She wasn’t a trainwreck she was a person with problems. The only reason she appears so tragic is that a lot of people were entertained by her fall.


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