Coolest trailer/music video ever


I sing a lot of praises about music and filmmaking on my two blogs, but the trailer/music video created for the film The Art of Flight  is simply outstanding. Many thanks to my son, Brendan for pointing out the movie/song/video to me. Frankly, I have yet to come up with the proper word(s) to describe how spell-binding this video is to watch. All I know, is it takes snowboarding to a whole new level as a sport and as an art form.

It is not just the images that make this piece of filming special. Incorporating the epic mastery of M83’s song “Outro” is spot-on perfect with the visual imagery.  If there ever was a movie trailer/music video that inspired me to see the film (and consider taking up snowboarding) this is it. Major kudos to the creators of the motion picture and to Antibes, France’s M83 for a stellar production.


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