Why Mitt does not fit for Michigan

Presidential candidate Mitt Romney claims to be a “son of Michigan.” How quaint. Unfortunately, when our lovely state was at its lowest point, he decided to kick us while we were down and not support the bailout of GM and Chrysler.  With a son like that, who needs enemies? or enemas?

I definitely am not a republican and find great discomfort in their immoral and unethical attitudes and agendas. In fact, their are very few republicans that I have respect for anymore. John Huntsman, I respect. Michael Bloomberg, I respect on most issues. The rest, including those who already bowed out, are sorry cartoons.

It is funny how Mitt Romney could strive vigorously to save the Olympics in Utah or provide health care to the residents of Massachusetts, but when the chips were down, he simply turned his back on Michigan. While I cannot stand any of the other candidates left in the GOP race, Mr. Romney, you do not deserve to win the upcoming Michigan primary or the state in the general election, if you are the nominee of your party.

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1 Response to Why Mitt does not fit for Michigan

  1. Mitt for President! 🙂


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