The sale of the century!

I stopped at a certain nationally known discount department whose logo looks remarkably like a red bullseye this evening to buy a top-off card for my Virgin Mobile smart phone account. When I got there, I simply could not believe my eyes. The $35 top off card was on sale for an incredibly low price of $34.99. I nearly wet my pants in joy. It took all my self-control to not purchase twenty cards so I could save 20 cents. At this rate, I might save $100 in two centuries.

Are you kidding me red bulls-eye retailer??? The store actually had a sale price tag on the Virgin Mobile cards highlighting a one cent sale price. Yes, that is one penny. If I had bought a piece of Bazooka bubble gum, then we would be talking about a great deal. The stupid sales price tag probably cost more than one cent to make.

Would someone please explain the logic (or illogic) of this? As a well indoctrinated consumer lemming, I bought the card, figuring I might as well get the deal of the century while I am there. By the way, with tax it came to $37.09.

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2 Responses to The sale of the century!

  1. Velototes says:

    As ridiculous as that seems most people view $34.99 as $34.00, they do not see it as $35. The visual rounding down effect is a scam used by all retailers to lure suckers into over spending.
    It is kind of the opposite when those people look at speed limit signs….35 becomes 40 and 65 becomes a NASCAR race.
    Keep up with the satire and wit….I love it!


  2. Rick Brown says:

    True. Thank you for the comments and the compliment.


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