The good doctor would be proud – review of “The Lorax”

I went to see The Lorax last night. I have always loved reading books by Dr. Seuss and the fact that yesterday would have been his 108th birthday made it even more special. Add on top of that Fox News’ seal of disapproval and you can guarantee I am going to see the movie.

The movie is funny, creative, vividly artistic, inspiring, and also educational – in other words, it was terrific. To a certain extent the image of a decimated planet reminded me a lot of Wall-E, which I also loved.

Apparently, some at Fox News seem to think The Lorax is a form of indoctrination – like their sorry excuse for a “fair and balanced” news network isn’t? After being subjected to endless corporate bullshit on a variety of environmental topics, I am just fine with watching a movie that has a positive message and teaches respect for our Mother Earth.

To me, it seems Fox News and its ilk “doth protest too much”  to quote Shakespeare. In other words, the movie tells the truth and they don’t like it one bit. Tough toenails, as we used to say as kids. I’m glad somebody is telling the truth. Apparently, Fox and their friends “can’t handle the truth” (to quote from A Few Good Men).

Dr. Seuss was a great visionary and he used his books to enlighten others as to some of society’s evils. Rampant commercialism in How the Grinch Stole Christmas and dictatorships in Yertle the Turtle are two other fine examples. Personally, I would much rather have Dr. Seuss’ stories educating my kids versus the spin doctors of Madison Avenue and politicos inside the Beltway any day of the week.

“UNLESS someone like you…cares a whole awful lot…nothing is going to get better…It’s not.” from The Lorax.

Thank you, Dr. Theodor Seuss for yet another great lesson. Happy Birthday too!

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