The urban bicyclist’s magazine du jour


Just this past weekend while manning the MSU Bikes booth at the 17th Annual Quiet Waters Symposium in East Lansing, I was introduced to a bicycling magazine I had not come across before – Urban Velo.  After reading a few issues, it became clear that this magazine is an excellent resource for urban planners and similar professions too.

Urban Velo is published six times a year in Pittsburgh and is distributed free of charge online. Paid subscriptions are available and copies are also distributed through bike shops and coffee shops. Urban Velo is hands down the one of the most interesting cycling magazines I have found.

My favorite feature is entitled “I love (heart) riding in the city,” which does a great job personifying the spirit of urban bicycle riders and bicycle commuters worldwide. A recent feature story provided an analysis of bike sharing efforts taking place in Mexico City. More traditional cycling topics are also covered with product reviews, news, and bike trip summaries.

I highly recommend Urban Velo, not only to city cyclists and/or bicycle commuters, but also to urban planners, architects, landscape architects, transportation engineers, artists, fashion designers, and product designers for current and informative stories on urban cycling trends. Only being at the events themselves would be more cutting edge than this excellent magazine.  Here’s a link to the March 2012 issue.

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1 Response to The urban bicyclist’s magazine du jour

  1. Muhammad Shoaib says:

    Indeed its a very good magazine and provides insights into urban bicycling.


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