My favorite stadiums

Last night I watched a very interesting and entertaining program on PBS about the 100th anniversary of Fenway Park in Boston. I highly recommend the special.
The show got me to thinking about what my favorite stadiums are (or were) and what was likeable about them. I certainly cannot claim to have visited or seen very many, but here’s my list of the one’s that impressed me the most, primarily from their outward aesthetic appearance, location, and compatibility/context sensitivity with the surrounding neighborhoods. This list includes stadiums used for American football, soccer, cricket, rugby, and baseball. Also, here is a weblink to a cool website called world stadiums.
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6 Responses to My favorite stadiums

  1. Ahmad Faisal Alias says:

    Mine will always be Lambeau (Green Bay) and Anfield (Liverpool)


  2. Jailbreak says:

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  3. a amino acid says:

    Greeting from over the world. interesting article I will return for more.


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