Peace is the word, is the word, is the word

Last night I had the privilege of attending the annual meeting of the Peace Education Center in East Lansing. The energy level among the approximately 50 attendees was inspiring as the membership socialized, shared a potluck supper, celebrated volunteer efforts, heard business reports, listened to informative presentations, and voted on officers. During the meeting, there was a quote stated that I thought was particularly poignant and useful to pass along:

“Sustainable peace is grounded in inner peace.”

As part of the business reports, three were given by task forces that the Peace Education Center is championing. These are:

The Youth Outreach Program conducted an intriguing study in six area high schools. They asked students if they had $1.3 trillion dollars to spend elsewhere than the for the Pentagon, where would they spend it? Below is a chart showing a summary of the answers that came from more than 400 students.

Source: Peace Education Center

If you live within earshot of Greater Lansing, please consider joining the Peace Education Center. Their continuing efforts towards a more just and equitable society are commendable and should be supported. If you live elsewhere, consider joining a similar group in your community. If no such organization currently exists there, think about starting a new one. I think you will find the effort an uplifting experience for you and your community.

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