Life imitating art – the power of a mini-fridge

I am in the midst of reading an outstanding book at the moment entitled, Round Ireland With a Fridge by Tony Hawks (no, not the skateboarding hero). It is a hilarious and uplifting book that I describes Mr. Hawks’ adventures while hitch-hiking around the periphery of Ireland with a portable fridge. He was pursuing the endeavor to win a bet he had made with a friend.


I will review the book in more detail when I have completed it, but if you get the chance prior to then, buy/check-out/ download and read this really great book. In a case of mild irony, I had a brief chance to imitate Mr. Hawks yesterday by transporting my youngest son’s mini-fridge (along with a bunch of other stuff) home from his dorm room. No, I was not hitch-hiking as Mr. Hawks was, but the mini-fridge was my front seat companion for the hour plus drive from Ann Arbor to Greater Lansing.

Turns out, that mini-fridges are not the best conversationalists, but that is beside the point. Like Tony Hawks, I was responsible for this mini-fridge and I was going to make sure it arrived safely at its destination. In doing so, all I could think of was what it would be like to hitch-hike while towing the mini-fridge with me. That mental image brought a giggle and a big smile to my face.

What’s so great about Round Ireland With a Fridge  and my quasi-imitation of art, is that something as inane as a mini-fridge can bring a silly smile to your face and uplift your crestfallen spirits. In those regards, the mini-fridge is as human as the rest of us. Thank you to Mr. Hawks and to the mini-fridge for bringing some humorous bits of spontaneity and eccentricity back into my life just when I needed it. I will forever be grateful.

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1 Response to Life imitating art – the power of a mini-fridge

  1. Chetan says:

    i wonder how can somebody hitch hike with Mini Fridge, sounds very interesting and Crazy too ,will love to read.


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