Make gas hogs pay thru the snout

I am still amazed at the number of people who continue buying gas hogging SUV’s like Navigators and Tahoes. There are very few, if any, justifiable instances where these vehicles are practical, especially for family use.

To me, those who continue to purchase new ones are more than selfish, they are unpatriotic. Therefore, I think these gas hogs should pay through the snout for buying such vehicles and the money be used to help build a more eco-friendly infrastructure for passenger rail, mass transit and non-motorized transportation such as bicycles.

My proposal would be to levy a $100 surcharge on the purchase of any new fuel-inefficient SUV or car and $50 on the purchase of used ones. The money generated would remain in each state to use in conjunction with other funding sources for non-highway infrastructure projects that enhance passenger rail, mass transit, and non-motorized transportation options.

So, what do you think of this idea? Please don’t give me any libertarian BS propaganda. The moronic actions of selfish persons certainly do adversely impact the lives of selfless persons.

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8 Responses to Make gas hogs pay thru the snout

  1. Leonard says:

    Rick, Until you convince the powers-that-decide that the unchecked gasoline (aka petroleum) useage at the lowest price possible isn’t a blood/birth-right here in the USA it won’t happen.


  2. How bout a city-wide vehicle permit based off of vehicle weight? I think the Netherlands does something like that or that’s what they told me when I lived there and I laughed at their smart cars.

    This would be good for struggling cities who are strapped with having to pay huge amounts for new roads and repairs. The only way to lower those costs is to have less drivers. If owning a car comes at a fee then the cost is realized.

    What about the people who choose to live outside your city? Good, they are the ones dragging it down. Once it becomes terribly inconvenient to play by their rules they’ll come back… they always do.


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  4. This is idea whose time has come. With the decreasing effectiveness of gas tax as a mass transit subsidy as people buy more fuel efficient vehicles, a surcharge on gas guzzlers would help pick up the slack.


  5. John Harland says:

    It’s a great idea and close to what was tried in Victoria, Australia a couple of decades ago but our motor lobby works a lot the way your gun lobby does and the government retreated in panic.

    The same when a move was made to ban “bull bars” (grill guards), particularly in urban areas.

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