Ann Arbor’s marquee marquees

Here are a couple of photos taken Monday evening of  the State and Michigan theaters located in downtown Ann Arbor. Always have loved old movie theater signs and marquees and these two are iconic.

State Theater

Michigan Theater

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6 Responses to Ann Arbor’s marquee marquees

  1. Jane McClure says:

    Rick, those are neat ones alright. We have one older theater in Laf. that has been refurbished, but doesn’t have such an impressive marquee. They use it now for an occasional special movie & sometimes serve meals w/them. I’ll have to drive by again & see just how much detail it does have. But I know it’s not as impressive as your two. Attica has refurbished their theater too in the last few yrs. I think it’s got more lighting on it’s marquee than the Lafayette one.


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  3. Jane McClure says:

    Nice to see those neat theater marquees being saved!


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