Not so sweet of a Danish EP treat


In 2011, I “raved” about the Raveonette’s new release entitled Raven in the Grave. It was a superior record that captivated the listener. Needless to say, I was excited when the Danish duo announced the release of a new EP in April entitled Into the Night. Guess I shouldn’t have gotten my hopes so high.

While Into the Night is not a bad record, to me it comes across as uninspired and rather lackluster. All four songs sound like they contain the same chords, riffs, and vocalizations – they just vary in speed, tempo, and length.


I will admit I like the first two tracks (“Into the Night” and “Night Comes Out”), but by the third one my reaction was, “been there, done that.” So, with my apologies to all our friends in Denmark, unless you are a die-hard Raveonettes fan, you might as well skip this EP or just purchased individual songs you may like and then wait and hope for a revival of the band’s experimental nature on its next full-length release.

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