Inflated costs or profits?

One of my favorite breakfast foods are English muffins. I enjoyed them as a kid, but had eaten bagels more often in recent years. That was until bagel prices started going up last fall.

So, I started buying English muffins once more, because I could purchase a six-pack of Kroger brand ones for a dollar each pack. That stayed true until about 45 days ago when the price increased to $1.25 per six pack.

If that increase wasn’t bad enough, imagine the shock when I went to the local Kroger this week and discovered the price was now $1.59 for a package of six. WTF? A 59% increase in the price of English muffins in a 45 day period! I don’t recall hearing about a wheat shortages, hoarding of English muffins, or rampant food inflation.

I could have lived the initial price jump, but now I am not buying English muffins…at least not from Kroger. Just another product I will now buy at Meijer’s or not at all.

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