A cool cycling ‘cartogeeks’ phone app

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As a total cartography geek (a.k.a. cartogeek) about maps, which I have been collecting since I was a kid, I am always fascinated by new applications for cartography. Just yesterday, I was introduced to a fun and cool bicycling app that maps your route and provides you real-time data. While some seasoned bicycling veterans may already be familiar with the program, I thought it was worth writing about for those of us who are a tad further behind on the technology frontier.

The free app is called MapMyRIDE+ and is one of a several similar programs created by MapMyFITNESS, Inc., a company founded and located in scenic Austin, Texas in 2007. The app that helps you track commuting, fitness, workout, and exercise regimens, including:

  • MapMyRUN
  • MapMyRIDE
  • MapMyWALK
  • MapMyHIKE
  • MapMyTRI

Source: howto.cnet.com

As of May, 2012, the company passed the nine million member mark for its software applications, which is an increase of two million just since February 2012. Also, in February, the United States Surgeon General recommended MapMyFITNESS. The application is really quite cool, as it uses GPS to track your route, distance, and pace as you ride it. The app is available for iPhone, Android, Windows, or Blackberry users.  It even allows you to take phone calls, text, listen to music, and shoot photos without impacting the software. A pause feature allows you to temporarily stop the program if you are running errands and don’t want it to be calculating your time in the stores. Upon completion of your ride, you can save it and post the data on Facebook or Twitter. It is great fun and quite interesting information that should help anyone document their fitness program progress.

Source: alloveralbany.com

I am looking forward to further applications coming out in the future for two other sports I enjoy, kayaking and cross-country skiing. If you are into maps, data, technology, or fitness, I think this application is one of the coolest and most user-friendly ones you will find anywhere. Great stuff. Enjoy!

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