Elliot Street Lunatic scorches the Festival of the Sun

Elliot Street Lunatic put on a scorching performance at Lansing Old Town’s “Festival of the Sun” last night. The hour-long set included many of their own songs from their two album releases Ghost Town Lullabies and Stories from the Void, a couple of new tracks set to be released on vinyl very soon, as well as three covers of Beatles’ tunes for fun. It was a very enjoyable and rocking concert for everyone in attendance.

The ESL’s spot-on harmonies, superb guitar riffs, pounding drums, and great lyrics made for yet another terrific show. Here’s a link to one of my favorite songs by the band on Soundcloud – “This Modern World.”

If you live in any of the cities on their tour schedule, you should RUN, not walk, to buy tickets to see Elliot Street Lunatic. It won’t be long before they are playing much larger venues. Thanks to Jason, Eric, Caleb, and Josh for the another great show!

Here’s a track from each of their albums – “Escape” and “Berlin.”

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