More disappearing acts to depart soon

Here are eleven more items that I believe will all but disappear within the next decade – some a little more controversial than the previous list:

  • The Euro – good idea, but not everyone came to the party with the same idea in mind.
  • Gasoline only cars – there will still be a plethora of gasoline only cars left over, but within a decade all new cars will be flex-fuel, hybrid electric, diesel, or electric.
  • Paper business cards – instead we will have some type of RFID business cards that can be read by cell phones.
  • Paper maps – as a map collector this one makes me sad, but I sure am holding on to the ones I have.
  • Printed lodging directories
  • Mail boxes – to save money, the post office will require everyone to maintain a post office box instead.
  • Super-sized cola drinks – what New York City starts will be followed as obesity costs rise.
  • Training wheels – as studies start to show they may hinder learning to ride more than they help, off they will go.
  • Three-car or more garages – long overdue as starter castles start reflecting reality. Perhaps a separate bicycle door instead?
  • Facebook – keep changing things arbitrarily without telling people ahead of time and it will soon go the way of myspace and digg. Hope you didn’t buy the stock.
  • The BCS – this cannot come soon enough. Bring on playoffs.
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