Tastes that personify place

Source: frenchrecipe.net

This is the third in a series on how our senses can personify places. Posts have already been published on sounds and smells. Most cultures have their own cuisine from Mexican to Italian to French to Chinese to Brazilian to Japanese to Thai to Greek. Even certain cities have cuisines named for them, particularly in Europe. Meanwhile, a numerous cities and towns in the United States and around the world have certain meals or foods that we associate with them.

Here’s a list of some of the cities/places that have foods regularly associated with them or have certain cuisines all their own. the list is not meant to be comprehensive.
Barcelona, Spain Catalan cuisine
Boston – New England clam chowder, Boston baked beans, and Boston cream pie
Brussels, Belgium – Belgian waffles
Chicago – Chicago style deep dish pizza and Chicago-style hotdogs
Cincinnati – chili
Copenhagen, Denmark – Danish pastries
Florence, ItalyTuscan or Florentine cuisine
Detroit – coney dogs and pączki
Hershey, Pennsylvania – chocolate
Indianapolis – pork tenderloin
Kansas City – steaks and barbeque sauce
Lancaster, Pennsylvania shoofly pie and chicken corn soup
Lafayette, LouisianaCajun cuisine
Louisville – Mint Julep and fried chicken
Michigan’s Upper Peninsula and much of the U.K. pastys
Milwaukee – frozen custard, cheese curds, and beer
New Orleans – Cajun cuisine, Creole cuisine, seafood, and gumbo
Naples, ItalyNeapolitan cuisine
New York City – New York style pizza and Long Island ice tea,
Omaha – steak
Paris, France – breads, pastries, baguettes, French cuisine
Philadelphia – cheese steaks, cream cheese,
Rome, Italy – Roman cuisine
San Francisco – seafood, Ghiradelli Chocolate, wines from the nearby Napa and Sonoma valleys, burritos, and Rice-a-Roni
Seattle – King crab, coffee
Valencia, SpainValencian cuisine
Venice, Italy – Venetian cuisine
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