Ten ways to be ready for the next heat wave

Source: nitrofreeze.com

  • Repair you snowblower so you mind is fixed on cold things.
  • Have 200 pounds of ice ready to put in your bathtub for soaking.
  • Install a walk-in freezer for your kitchen.
  • Buy stock in slushies, smoothies, snow cones, Eskimo Pies, ice cream bars, ice cream, sherbert, gelato, and anything else cold.
  • Wear your winter wardrobe all summer and then take it off when the temps hit 90F. You’ll at least know what your dog feels like.
  • Buy a dvd of the movie Ice Station Zebra or The Day After Tomorrow to watch over and over again.
  • Move to a cave.
  • Buy a tuxedo and install a penguin pool.
  • Learn to hibernate in summer.
  • Buy Michael Jackson’s cryogenic freeze chamber at a local garage sale or auction.
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