If sharks ruled the earth

  • I thought they already did?
  • The world would be a lot more chummy.
  • Razor-sharp teeth would be a fashion statement for more than just vampires.
  • Steven Spielberg would be required to change the conclusion Jaws and its sequels.
  • Vampires wouldn’t be the only blood-thirsty ones running around.
  • Being a loan shark would be an important honor.
  • Vegetarianism and veganism would be outlawed.
  • Drift nets would be banned (a good thing).
  • The San Jose Sharks would have to play their hockey games in an aquarium to standing caudal fin only crowds.
  • “Sink your teeth into that one” and “getting hammered” would have whole new meanings.
  • Shark fin soup would be replaced by person toenail soup.
  • Piranha’s would be made goodwill ambassadors.
  • Everyone must drive a Barracuda or a Stingray.
  • All vacations must be taken to a coral reef where guests are invited to be…ahem, for dinner.
  • When our friends in the U.K. say the term “bloody” they will darn well mean it.
  • “Shark Week” would be every week on the Discovery Channel.
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