TUUBSS – Totally useless unscientific bicycle survey stats

Source: ehow.com

On the drive home Sunday (yesterday) afternoon, I decided to count the number of vehicles I saw along the interstate with bicycles on board and/or in tow. Here’s the data:

  • Number of interstate miles driven: 115
  • Number of vehicles with bikes: 29
  • Average miles between vehicles with bikes: 3.97 miles
  • Average bike carrying vehicles per mile: 0.25
  • Roof mounted bikes: 4 vehicles
  • In trailer: 1 vehicle
  • Rear hitch/trunk mounted bikes: 24 vehicles
  • Average bikes per vehicle: approx 2.5-3.0
  • Traveling in the opposite direction: 28
  • Traveling in my direction: just 1 (which seemed odd)
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9 Responses to TUUBSS – Totally useless unscientific bicycle survey stats

  1. Tim Potter says:

    I was noticing the same thing last week when we traveled north of the vehicles traveling south (we left on Sunday, so most people’s vacation was ending as ours was beginning). I had the urge to start counting and trying to figure out some compelling stats, but you beat me to it! Bravo! It seems I’m seeing more people driving around town with bikes on their cars too. I believe it’s both a sign of a good trend and possibly not so good, but without surveying all those folks we’ll never know. Would be great if all those people are actually riding those bikes more often and not just posing, like owners of certain motor vehicles that never get used to their intended potential (spotless Hummers and high-end performance sports cars come to mind).


  2. Terry Nobbe says:

    I personally feel sad when I see so many motor vehicles carrying bicycles; 2+ tons of glass,steel, rubber and plastic carrying the most efficient human vehicle ever invented.


      • Terry Nobbe says:

        Amen. Many years ago, bicyclists were credited for getting rural roads paved; The Good Roads Movement. More recently I’ve evidence that motorists are taking credit for that change. In the same way, the League of American Wheelmen was founded over one hundred years ago to maintain the rights of cyclists. Lately the league is more like the political forces it shares realty with in Washington DC as the League of American Bicyclists


  3. Tim Durrant says:

    “Travelling in my direction: just 1 (which seemed odd)”. With equal traffic moving in both directions you will see many more vehicles going the other way compared to going your way. Think of the relative movements.


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