There’s no doubt it’s a serious drought when…

  • You can use your lawn as sandpaper or a bristle brush.


  • Shade is for rent by the hour.
  • Wrigley’s stops selling Rain chewing gum in your town.
  • Arid Extra Dry sells out in all the stores.
  • Vultures start circling you when you are outside.
  • Camels decide to migrate to your town.
  • Climate change deniers evaporate (their ideas are all wet).
  • Bookings for rain forest vacations jump exponentially.
  • You could bake a cake on the driveway.
  • Businesses finally learn to stop watering their asphalt and concrete with sprinklers.
  • The scorpions come to town (the insects not the band).
  • Bald becomes beautiful again.
  • You wish it was January.
  • Everyone has the dry heaves.
  • No one wants to grill out anymore.
  • You feel like you are being sandblasted on windy days.
  • Fish sue!
  • Lightning bugs are required to douse their lights to prevent wildfires.
  • Car washes clean by only spit and polish.
  • There is absolutely no need for crop dusters.
  • Even Endust is overwhelmed.
  • Spit and urine are hoarded.
  • It stops being humorous – which for many it unfortunately has (see photo below).


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2 Responses to There’s no doubt it’s a serious drought when…

  1. Ariniko says:

    I hate when it’s too hot to grill outside! Or when the pool is 92 degrees! Yuck!


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