Si chihuahuas gobernó el planeta (If chihuahua’s ruled the planet)

  • Random yapping would replace chatting or talking.


  • “Aye chihuahua” would replace “hello, “hi,”” or “hola” as the official greeting.
  • Snorting and sniffling would become socially acceptable – who needs tissues?
  • Chihuahua, Mexico would be decreed as world capital.
  • Taco Bell would use a chihuahua in all their commercials – oh wait, they already did that.
  • Then..Taco Bell would be the world’s only official food provider.
  • There would no longer be an energy shortage once we figure out how to bottle their perpetual motion.
  • Both sock and toy tug-o-war would become an Olympic events and would be required in all physical education classes.
  • Large dogs must bow and/or curtsy to all chihauhuas, while small dogs must salute. Disobedience will not be tolerated!
  • Cinco de Mayo would be a worldwide holiday.
  • All immigrants would be treated with respect (a welcome change).
  • No item of furniture worth sitting and sleeping on would be allowed to be taller than the jumping ability of a chihuahua.
  • Winter would be outlawed.
  • Hairless would become a status symbol.
  • Bulging eyes are decreed a sign of elegance, beauty, and genius.
  • Montezuma’s revengewill be inflicted on all naysayer’s and nonconformist’s without mercy.


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