Facebook can be a pain in the apps

Source: wantickets.com

If Facebook hopes to remain a relevant player in the digital world, it better figure out how to improve its online experience for smart phones and tablets. It takes so damn long to open and update that it is often useless if one wants to do a quick check of their messages.

Nearly always when I try to open the Facebook app, it is like watching an irreversible Wheel of Fortune as the little “loading icon spins around aimlessly. Sometimes it opens after a moment or two, other times it just keeps spinning like a digital toy top on Energizer batteries and sugar. In the worst cases, the whole thing gives up and closes the application altogether. By this time, I am ready to find a new social media outlet and dump Facebook.
All I know is some enterprising soul is going to come up with a social media alternative that doesn’t take forever to open and Facebook will become toast.
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