Crescent City is determined to rise above two tsunamis


At the bottom of this post is an amazing photographic comparison of Crescent City, California’s marina from March 11, 2011. As destructive as that tsunami was, the 2011 tsunami was far less devastating than the 1964 one that killed 11 people in the Crescent City area. Here is a link to video of the damage from 1964.

Unfortunately, nearly a half-century later, a number of parcels in central Crescent City remain vacant from the 1964 tsunami. Given the city’s spectacular coastal location, numerous recreational opportunities, and amazing vistas (the current panethos blog header is a view of Crescent City from US 101), one wonders why the central part of this lovely ocean side city have not seen more than spotty redevelopment and reinvestment.

Other parts of the city appear to be fairing much better, which is heartening. Numerous hotels, restaurants, and tourist sites are location along the US 101 corridor, serving those visiting and traveling through the area, particularly to see Redwood National Park, which bounds the community on several sides.

While yet a brief visitor to this very beautiful community, this urban planner celebrates the indomitable spirit of Crescent City, as well as its friendly and welcoming citizens who are determined to rise above two natural disasters in the past 50 years. The city is an inspiration!

I strongly recommend a visit to Crescent City, California – venturing out to the 155 year old Battery Point Lighthouse during low tide is well worth the trip in itself. Even if you are not into maritime history, the views are amazing and it is fun to explore the tidal pools for small crabs, snails, and other sea creatures. Other highlights include the beaches; sea lions, seals, and otters; bike trails; and of course, Redwoods National Park. Enjoy!

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5 Responses to Crescent City is determined to rise above two tsunamis

  1. basil berchekas jr says:

    do wish to follow this post!


  2. Tim says:

    Thanks for the great observations of Crescent City. As you said, well worth a visit.


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