Things you never (or rarely) find in hotels anymore


During our current two-week West Coast trip, I have noticed a number of things that are no longer (or rarely) found in hotel/motel rooms any longer. Certainly, other items have been added to make one’s stay more pleasant such as hair dryers, internet, and coffee makers.

Please feel free to send your additions to my list – I am sure I am forgetting some things.

  • A telephone book
  • A picture postcard of the hotel/motel
  • Full-size writing paper with the logo/name of the hotel/motel
  • Ashtray – no smoking, no ashtray. Good for health!
  • Matchbooks – ditto
  • A Bible – to me, this is a good thing as I think it is rather presumptuous in a diverse society to provide only the Holy book of one religion.
  • A hotel/motel directory listing the locations – as the internet rules, so these have gone by the wayside.
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