America’s finest airport – Sacramento’s Terminal B

Okay. I will admit I have not been in every airport in the land. I would have to live an “Up in the Air” life to do that. But, I have been in, through, or to enough airports, both new and old, to know what is good design and what is lousy design.


Without a doubt in my mind, the finest airport in the United States at the moment has to be Terminal B at Sacramento International Airport – it oozes some serious cool. Not only is the facility an architectural marvel and artistic feast for the eyes, but it is incredibly efficient and well-designed. I can say this from having flown both into and out of the airport in recent weeks. The airport has also received a LEED designation of silver for energy efficiency from the U.S. Green Building Council.

The midfield facility includes a fun and quick people mover connection from the multi-level main terminal building to the concourse and gates. Numerous food and gift shop offerings, brilliant architecture, and an array of terrific art work, including a huge red rabbit that certainly grab your attention throughout. My personal take on the enormous rabbit is that Sacramento is one hoppin’ town. It will bring a smile to even the most seasoned traveler.

The new Sacramento airport terminal also provides free wi-fi (without having to fill out a stupid questionnaire or time limits). Hint, hint, Indianapolis.

Sacramento deserves some serious big time high-fives for such a stellar new airport facility in Terminal B. The architects, planners, engineers, contractors airlines, and government officials deserve many kudos.

Sacramento’s airport is situated close enough to draw passengers from some of the northern and eastern Bay Area suburbs who prefer not to deal with the traffic and bridge tolls necessary for reaching San Francisco, Oakland, or San Jose. It also has lots of leg room to easily grow and expand, which none of the Bay Area airports can claim.


Yes, there are other very nice airports around the nation, including the new midfield terminals in Detroit and Indianapolis. But, for my money, any city contemplating the construction of a new airport or terminal should make an immediate bee line to Sacramento, California and scope out Terminal B at Sacramento International Airport. It is perfect example of how to make the “airport experience” for airline passengers a pleasure once again.

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  1. basil berchekas jr says:

    This is an excellent article; let us see more airport multimodal articles! You’re doing good here!


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