Funny, cute, and silly airport codes in the USA

  • BET (Bethel, AK) – Seems this should have been the one for Las Vegas or Reno.
  • BFL (Bakersfield, CA) – I am “baffled” why this is so funny.
  • BUF (Buffalo, NY) – Hopefully, you do not have to arrive in the buff.
  • BUR (Burbank,, CA) – This code would be good for someplace cold.
  • FAT (Fresno, CA) – I realize this stands for Fresno Air Terminal, but talk about bad public relations.
  • GGG (Longview, TX) – You’d get better internet service if it was 4Gs.
  • IRK (Kirksville, MO) – I would be “irked” too if I had to fly there.
  • KOA ( Kona, HA) – Who want to fly into a campground?
  • LAX (Los Angeles, CA) – I hope this does not signify their attention to details. It also sounds like the abbreviation for Laxative International Airport.
  • MOB (Mobile, AL) – self-explanatory.
  • PIE (St. Petersburg-Clearwater, FL) – I have no idea why it is PIE.
  • PUB (Pueblo, CO) – Now this is my kind of airport! Beer for everyone.
  • ROW (Roswell, NM) – I hope we don’t have to – flap maybe, but not row.
  • RUT (Rutland, VT) – No one wants to be in one, particularly in an airplane.
  • SUX (Sioux City, IA) – If I were the Sioux City Chamber of Commerce or Tourism Bureau, I would ask for a new code designation and fast!
  • UTO (Utopia Creek, AK) – Who wants to hear anything remotely close to “uh-oh” or “ut-oh” when flying?
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