Wackadoodle airport codes outside the USA

  • BRA (Barrieras, Brazil)
  • EGO (Belgorod, Russia)
  • BEG (Belgrade, Serbia)
  • BOG (Bogota, Colombia) – don’t get bogged down there.
  • CIA (Rome, Italy – Ciampino) – got cha!
  • CUM (Cumana, Venuzuela) – please wash your mouth out with soap.
  • CUZ (Cuzco, Peru) – cuz I said so
  • DAD (Da Nang, Vietnam)
  • DOG (Dongola, Sudan)
  • DUM (Dumai, Indonesia) – hey, I didn’t name it.
  • DUD (Dunedin, New Zealand) – must be really exciting there.
  • FUK (Fukuaka, Japan) – careful
  • IZO (Izumo, Japan) – should call the lounge the Izone. If you aren’t from the USA, you may not get the joke.
  • MAD (Madrid, Spain) – don’t get mad, get even.
  • PEE (Perm, Russia) – wonder if they are pissed about the code they were assigned?
  • PEX (Pechore, Russia) – flex those pex.
  • POT (Port Antonio, Jamaica) – pure Karma that this code should go to an airport in Jamaica – LOL
  • SIN (Singapore- Changi) – sort of surprised they accepted this code.
  • STD (Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic) – be careful what you catch here – make sure it is just a flight.
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