This is more like it! “Observator” by the Raveonettes

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Had a first listen to the newest album by Denmark’s Raveonettes this evening. The entire album can be heard via this weblink to Rolling Stone. An EP released by the band earlier this year had disappointed me, partially because it sounded one-dimensional. After the fantastic Raven in the Grave, I was bummed.

Well, Observator is nothing like that – it is cutting edge, deliberate, catchy, varied, haunting, hopeful, and a damn good record! I particularly like the second track, “Observations,” the fourth one “The Enemy,” and the rockin’ last song, “Till the End.” Here is the track list – not a bad song on the whole thing:

  • “Young and Cold”
  • “Observations” – one hell of a great track!
  • “Curse the Night”
  • “The Enemy”
  • “Sinking with the Sun”
  • “She Owns the Streets”
  • “Downtown”
  • “You Hit Me (I’m Down)”
  • “Till the End”

Observator may not be as hard rocking or dark and foreboding as Raven in the Grave, but it shouldn’t be. If every album sounded alike, that would get boring. Nice to see The Raveonettes return to their Great Danish musical stride with a set of superb songs. This is a terrific album – and it comes out on September 11th here in the States. I know I’m buying it. Enjoy!


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