“Timepiece of the heartland”


A poem I wrote in 1996 about one visual, but disappearing aspect of the Great Plains – the farm windmills.

Timepiece of the Heartland

Time is an abstract wonder

Both cyclical and seasonal

But in our nation’s heartland

It’s measured by the windmill

Spinning freely in the breeze

Upon a tinsel frame, so thin

A windmill comes full circle

Only to begin all over again

Like a rusty chronometer

Quantifying space and time

The windmill rotates constantly

In a wind-driven, ageless chime

The courthouse has its clock tower

The church steeple its rhythmic bells

But heartland fields and furrows

Gauge time by whirling windmills

As years march ever onward

And symbols fade from view

History comes full circle

For to a windmill, nothing’s new.

Rick Brown  –  3/9/96

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