Fracking is lacking


I don’t know about you, but I find both the term and method of extraction known as “fracking” to be downright disgusting. While it might be an accurate way to describe the method utilized to extract natural gas, it certainly is totally lacking any warm and fuzzies.

Until fracking came along, I thought there could not possibly be a more awful way of extracting natural resources than strip-mining.  I can still picture in my mind the defoliated and barren hillsides along Interstate 70 in Eastern Ohio from when I was a kid.

Are we really so flipping desperate for fossil fuels that we are willing to recklessly besmirch the good Earth, create earthquakes, spoil drinking water wells and groundwater, and leave a lasting legacy that lacks few, if any, ethical or moral fibers? Have we really become that soulless?

If energy companies spent half as much time, effort, and money on harnessing renewable energy resources like wind, solar, tidal, geothermal, and biofuels, as they do coming up with ugly new ways to scar Mother Earth, we would be a whole lot better off as a nation and a planet.

If you are opposed to fracking, please speak up to you local, county, state, and federal representative(s). Let them know you feel “fracking is lacking” any sort of moral or ethical fiber. For me, I would rather pay higher utility bills each month, than have our planet and those living near natural gas deposits pay such a hefty price.

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