Guiding lights of the night


I had a breathtaking view of the stars at 6:15 this morning while walking my dog, Relay, including a marvelous shooting star. Shortly afterwards, I jotted down these poetic verses. Enjoy!

Guiding Lights

Evening star

At dusk’s fading light

Guide us on safely

Throughout the long night

Midnight star

Shining so bright

Your heavenly grace

Is a blessed, sweet sight

Morning star

At dawn’s first sunlight

Carry us through

Until reaching tonight

Unseen star

Amid the daylight

Resting in wait

Please bring us delight

Mariner’s star

A guiding spotlight

Fount of safe passage

For affixing our site

Each star above

In free spatial flight

Adorns the dark sky

With its subtle alight

The pattern is set

The cadence is tight

Stars set our rhythm

To know all is right.

– Rick Brown 2012

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3 Responses to Guiding lights of the night

  1. basil berchekas jr says:

    Rick, when I was stationed in Afghanistan we maintained “light discipline” at our base camp to deny the insurgency target points on our positions at night; therefore once night time came, we could see the night sky in its “natural state” without any “city lights” interference; I have never seen a more star-spangled sky as I did “over there”…at least not since i visited my relatives’ farms when I was “much” younger…just my experience…


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