A case of childish anti-bike vandalism

I walked out to my car yesterday evening to discover that sometime during the afternoon, a vandal (or vandals) either thought they were being funny or had a beef with bicycle advocates because they tore off one the pro-bicycle bumper stickers from my car. Not sure why they didn’t bother the other one other than perhaps did not want to get caught and the one bumper sticker was a quick and easy target.

Little remains of my “same rights, same rules, same roads” bumper sticker (see photo). Fortunately, I have a replacement one in the apartment. The most disappointing aspect about what happened is that there is a 90+percent chance it happened in my office parking lot. Why anyone would do such a childish thing when the police department is located next door is beyond me. Unfortunately, no surveillance cameras to pick up the vandal(s) as they were at work.


The whole incident brought to my mind the question – why in the world would anyone feel threatened by pro bicycle advocacy? It is not like bicycles are suddenly going to replace cars and trucks as our primary means of transportation. The only thing I can come up with is perhaps a driver who detests bicycles because they impede their dominance of the streets. They may actually have to pay attention and think while driving.

Oh well, as long is a torn off bumper sticker is the worst anti-bicycle action that happens, I guess I should be thankful. Compared to some of the threats cyclists hear, the road rage some endure, and the inherent dangers that accompany bicycle riding, this loss of this bumper sticker is tame. In some ways it actually became a positive as I am now writing about this issue from first hand experience to build added bicycle advocacy.

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8 Responses to A case of childish anti-bike vandalism

  1. usecraigslist says:

    Sorry to hear that. Maybe you can put a video camera in a friend’s car and catch the vandal some day!

    On a related note, I hope that the more affordable that Go Pro-type cameras become, the more incidents overall that we can all document and publicly shame, if not prosecute.


  2. I definitely recommend a sting operation!


  3. Tim says:

    Pretty petty & ridiculous. I’d say go bigger/ bolder next time, like a full-car wrap w/ the “Same road, same rules, same rights” message. Maybe Bikes Belong or other big bike advocacy groups offer them (yes, I’m half kidding).


  4. Therese says:

    Hmm. I think you’ve got it wrong. Perhaps the culprit merely wanted the sticker for their own vehicle. However, it tore instead. Handing out more of the stickers to those in your parking area may solve the problem.


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