Last flights out


Quite a hectic travel day yesterday (Sunday) as I attempted to return to Michigan early from visiting my son and daughter in law in Boston. Originally scheduled to fly home today (Monday), my airline, AirTran contacted me Saturday and suggested I get out of Dodge earlier because Hurricane Sandy was likely to disrupt travel today.


Thank goodness I heeded their advice as my flight from Boston to Baltimore was the last AirTran or Southwest (Southwest owns AirTran) flight from the city on Sunday evening. All later flights were cancelled. Upon a bumpy descent into Baltimore, the turn around for my flight to Grand Rapids was also quick. This flight was the last commercial flight to take off from Baltimore (BWI) before the airport was officially shut down due to deteriorating weather conditions at 10:00 pm Sunday night.

Hat’s off and many kudos to AirTran and its employees for a great job and great service through difficult circumstances. Did I happen to mention all my flights to and from Boston and Baltimore actually arrived ahead of schedule?


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3 Responses to Last flights out

  1. basil berchekas jr says:

    The military runs R&R flights and “freedom flights” (for those who have completed their overseas tours in the Middle East) from Ali Al Salem air base in Kuwait to ATL and a rotator flight to move personnel between the US (acronymed “CONUS”) and European-based bases between BWI (where you flew out of to Michigan) and Europe. I bet the personnel are “backed up” big time at Ali Al Salem waiting flights out. These are military contracted flights with commercial airlines, but they’ll be backed up due to safety concerns like all other flights to and from the East Coast…went through that myself leaving Afghanistan and then Kuwait in May of 2010 due to the Iceland volcano…


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