Presidential cities and towns


I figured this topic seemed appropriate for Election Day eve in the United States. Here is my list of some cities and towns that are named for American Presidents. My favorite of those listed is the town of Rough and Ready, California, which is named for President Zachary Taylor’s nickname – “Old Rough and Ready.”


George Washington

  • Washington, DC
  • Washington, Pennsylvania
  • Washington Court House, Ohio
  • Washington, Indiana
  • Georgetown, Kentucky
  • Georgetown, Massachusetts

John Adams

  • Adams, New York

Thomas Jefferson

  • Jefferson City, Missouri
  • Jeffersonville, Indiana
  • Jefferson, Wisconsin
  • Jeffersontown, Kentucky

James Madison

  • Madison, Wisconsin
  • Madison, Alabama
  • Madison, Indiana
  • Madison, South Dakota

James Monroe

  • Monrovia, Liberia
  • Monroe, Louisiana
  • Monroe, Michigan
  • Monroe, North Carolina
  • Monroe, Ohio

John Quincy Adams

  • Quincy, Illinois
  • Quincy, Washington

Andrew Jackson

  • Jacksonville, Florida
  • Jackson, Mississippi
  • Jackson, Tennessee
  • Jackson, Michigan
  • Jacksonville, North Carolina
  • Jacksonville, Illinois
  • Jacksonville, Texas

Martin Van Buren

  • Van Buren, Arkansas

William Henry Harrison

  • Harrison, New Jersey
  • Harrison, Ohio

John Tyler

  • Tyler, Texas

Zachary Taylor

  • Taylor, Michigan
  • Rough and Ready, California
  • Taylorsville, North Carolina

Millard Fillmore

  • Fillmore, Utah

Abraham Lincoln

  • Lincoln, Nebraska
  • Lincoln, Illinois
  • Lincoln, Rhode Island

Ulysses S. Grant

  • Grant, Michigan
  • Grant City, Missouri

James Garfield

  • Garfield Heights, Ohio

William McKinley

  • McKinleyville, California
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