Power of the pedal – let’s bicycle to the polls

Source: vabike.org

One super way on Election Day 2012 to advocate cycling and visually depict to your friends and neighbors how many of us are strong supporters of cycling and cycling issues is to pedal your bicycle to your precinct to cast your vote, instead of driving and/or walking there.  Pedaling the benefits of bicycling in this manner is certainly preferable campaign tactic compared to robocalls, sound-bites, the blizzard of yard signs, and attack ads promoting a candidate or issue.

Bicycling to cast your vote has the added benefits of promoting fitness, active transportation, and a healthy lifestyle. In addition, it reduces your carbon footprint and is good for the environment. These benefits don’t matter whether you are Democrat, Green, Independent, Libertarian, Republican, Tea Party, or any another political party.

Source: pedalaround.blogspot.com

So, if the weather is conducive tomorrow, please consider pedaling your way to the polls to silently advocate and demonstrate the awesome “power of the pedal.”
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1 Response to Power of the pedal – let’s bicycle to the polls

  1. Dovid says:

    Rick, I bike a lot. But I do not care of “reducing my carbon footprint” and walking may be even better for enviroment – i do not see these reasons working for me. 🙂


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