Six billion better ways to spend money

The total cost of Campaign 2012 from all election races across the country will be nearly $6 billion dollars.  What a sad and sorry number. When I think of all the good works that could have been done with that money, it makes me want to shake my head it utter dismay.
  • How many homeless could have been sheltered?
  • How many jobless could have been employed?
  • How many hungry could have been fed?
  • How many wounded veterans could have been cared for?
  • How many homes/farms/small businesses could have been saved?
  • How many small business loans could have been approved?
  • How many scholarships could have been granted?
  • How many bridges could have been repaired?
  • How many potholes could have been filled?
  • How many epidemics could have been halted?
  • How many people could have been received vaccines?
  • How many school budgets could have been balanced?
  • How many parks could have been reopened?
  • How many unemployed could have been re-educated?
  • How many bike trails could have been built?
  • How much scientific research could have been funded?
  • How much more pleasant the past year would have been without the blizzard of campaign advertisements, yard signs, and robocalls?
When will we ever learn…when will we ever learn?
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12 Responses to Six billion better ways to spend money

  1. Terry Nobbe says:

    Rick: It is written: For the poor will never cease out of the land; therefore I command you, You shall open wide your hand to your brother, to the needy and the poor, in the land. Dt 15:11


  2. basil berchekas jr says:

    This biblical statement should show the “social and cultural conservatives” that “expanding government” to give a boost up to the less fortunate in our country is better than “expanding government” to “regulate” marriage and women’s health issues….which is all the “social and cultural conservatives” obsess over….I guess the rest of “religion” doesn’t matter to them…


  3. Terry Nobbe says:

    Basil: The item in Dt 15 was written about 4800 years ago, long before “conservatives” were recognized. Whomever chooses He who created our world as their God will benefit in the long run.


    • basil berchekas jr says:

      I agree 100%! All these self-proclaimed “Christians” (and Mr. Cantor, US Congressman from Virginia, since it was his forebearers who wrote the old Testament) should take this phrase seriously…


  4. Terry Nobbe says:

    Basil: Two thoughts: A true Christian will behave as Christ did when He was one of us and walked among us. He said that God’s law has two parts; first that you love God with all your heart, soul and mind, second that you love everyone else as you love yourself. Two: One of the best ways to maintain your relationship with God is to talk with Him daily and read his word daily, asking for the enlightenment of the Spirit when you do.


  5. usecraigslist says:

    The idea of holding a constitutional convention is sounding more and more appealing every day. Electoral college? Dirty money? Unlimited debt ceiling? The system is 99% rigged to preserve the status quo—I’m sure it wasn’t intended that way, and that’s why we have the option to revisit it. (The 1% hope is an “Eff-You-Moderate” like Bloomberg who might be able to blow up part of the system from the inside, like with the Super PAC he’s planning.)


    • basil berchekas jr says:

      An excellent link…


      • Terry Nobbe says:

        Basil: Since the original US Constitution was created in 1787, you’re saying there’s an effort to revise or re-write the US Constitution? This is the suggestion that a separate group undertake this task? If so, our current congress and president would have to ratify any revision. Do you really see this happening any time in the foreseeable future? We are so unlike those in 1787, could you imagine anyone undertaking a plan to “blow up” part of the system that created our current constitution?


      • basil berchekas jr says:

        I wasn’t aware of that, I WILL rethink my position on that. Thanks for the clarification!


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