America’s architectural showplace

Some cities are known as the home of a particular industry, such as automobiles in Detroit, iron and steel in Pittsburgh or Birmingham, insurance in Hartford, and tires in Akron. But, if you are looking for America’s most inspirational city for great and innovative architecture, the place to go is the prospering South-Central Indiana city of Columbus.


While larger cities like New York or Chicago may have more examples due to their sheer size and scale, no place has more awe-inspiring architecture per capita than Columbus with 70 buildings and pieces of public art. Of these, six are designated National Historic Landmarks by the National Park Service. As a result of local philanthropic efforts, more architectural gems are being added all the time.
Below are some photographic samples of the variety of architecture that can be seen in this dynamic city located 40 miles south of Indianapolis. Needless to say, they are even more impressive when viewed first hand. Tours are available. Enjoy!
National Historic Landmarks in Columbus, Indiana, include the following:
First Baptist Church


First Christian Church


Irwin Union Bank and Trust


Mabel McDowell School


Miller House


North Christian Church


Examples of other interesting structures:

Crump Theater – Source:

The Commons – Source:

“Large Arch” – Source:

Bartholomew County Courthouse – Source:

Veteran’s Memorial – Source:

City Hall – Source:

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6 Responses to America’s architectural showplace

  1. basil berchekas jr says:

    Have been to Columbus Indiana several times for their architecture…a planning professor (Darrell Myer) from Auburn university’s Planning School presented Columbus to his classes some time ago before he retired.


  2. Dean Neal says:

    Go visit Huntington, WV for architectural treats. Some of the most beautiful homes, churches and parks. Arches, columns and gables galore!


  3. Josh Erdman says:

    The last picture is City Hall, not Cummins HQ.


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