An intergalactic glare monster

Billboard in Slovenia – Source:

Along westbound Interstate 96 near mile marker 55, there is an electronic billboard that must have been installed prior to the LED revolution in lighting or was placed there for advertising to the International Space Station. The glare this sign produces is the equivalent of a visual obscenity as you can literally see its glow for several miles before you can actually read the billboard. Once westbound drivers enter its glare zone, the bright lights can become a hazard to safe highway travel, particularly when white is the primary background.

Frankly, it is hard to imagine residing in a farmhouse within a mile or so of this sign and trying to sleep at night. It is the first billboard I have ever seen that creates its own skyglow. It is fairly reminiscent of the episode of Seinfeld when Kramer’s apartment is overwhelmed by the red glare at night from a nearby Kenny Rogers’ Roasters restaurant.


Meanwhile, just a few miles west along Interstate 96 are several newer electronic billboards that employ more subdued lighting with more modern LED technology. While not a billboard fan, these are much preferred to the monstrosity at mile marker 55. One of the new ones is even owned by the same outdoor advertising company as the glare monster.  Perhaps, the company might want to consider an upgrade the monster at mile marker 55, unless they are actually trying to advertise to out-of-this-world Saturn, Mercury, Taurus, or Vega drivers.

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2 Responses to An intergalactic glare monster

  1. basil berchekas jr says:

    Do believe in lighting controls…just like noise controls…


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