Spectacular airport control towers – new and old

Dayton, OH - Source: ajayglass.net

Dayton, OH – Source: ajayglass.net

For architects and designers alike, form and function play and important role in building design. Airport control towers should be no different. As they often are the first distant sign from ground level of an approaching airport, control towers help identify and distinguish one airport from another and add a certain panache to the facility. It doesn’t matter if the tower is a delightful classic design like Grand Rapids, Michigan or a sleek, ultra-modern style like Mumbai, the control is the airport’s signature statement. An exclamation point constructed of steel, concrete, and glass.
Below are some photographs of airport control towers that stand out from the crowd and make such a distinctive statement, including an awesome art deco design built by Howard Hughes in 1938 at Houston’s Hobby Airport that now serves as a museum.
Edinburgh - Source: jetphotos.net

Edinburgh, UK – Source: jetphotos.net

Grand rapids - Source: mlive.com

Grand Rapids, MI – Source: mlive.com

Osaka (Kansai) - Source: jetphotos.net

Osaka (Kansai) – Source: jetphotos.net

Dulles - Source: travelblog.org

Dulles, VA – Source: travelblog.org

Sydney - Source: jaunted.com

Sydney – Source: jaunted.com

LAX 1960 - Source: archives.com

1960 Los Angeles, CA (now Administration) – Source: archives.com

Abu Dhabi - Source: panoramio.com

Abu Dhabi – Source: panoramio.com

Bilbao - Source: designtheorykje.wordpress.com

Bilbao – Source: designtheorykje.wordpress.com

Dubai (prop) - Source: skyscrapercity.com

Dubai (prop) – Source: skyscrapercity.com

Vienna - Source: architizeer.com

Vienna – Source: architizeer.com

Barcelona - Source: skyscrapercity.com

Barcelona – Source: skyscrapercity.com

Busan - Source: panoramio.com

Busan – Source: panoramio.com

Fort Worth (Alliance) - Source:  flickr.com

Fort Worth (Alliance), TX  – Source: flickr.com


Farnsborough, UK – Source: gethampshire.co.uk

San Francisco (prop) - Source: fastlane.dot.gov

San Francisco, CA (prop) – Source: fastlane.dot.gov

Mumbai - Source: jssi.in

Mumbai (uc) – Source: jssi.in


Orlando, FL – parsons.com

Bahrain - Source: dp-pumps.com

Bahrain – Source: dp-pumps.com

Edmonton - Source: dcnoni.com

Edmonton (prop) – Source: dcnoni.com

Old Columbus, OH - Source: en.wikipedia.org

1929 Columbus, OH – Source: en.wikipedia.org

Beijing - Source: en.bjqrg.com

Beijing – Source: en.bjqrg.com

Houston (Hobby) built by Howard Hughes - Source: skyscrapercity.com

1938 Houston, TX (Hobby) built by Howard Hughes – Source: skyscrapercity.com

  • prop – proposed
  • uc – under construction
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