“We are heroes with a thousand faces”

Source: absolutemichigan.com

Source: absolutemichigan.com

I first heard Joe Hertler and the Rainbow Seekers play live at the Loft in Lansing last spring and then again at the Festival of the Sun in June. Each time, I have been mesmerized by their song entitled “Ego Loss on Grand River.” Few, if any other songs, seem to capture the various elements of the human condition like this one.  It truly is a classic track.

Source: mostlymidwest.com

Source: mostlymidwest.com

Hopefully, as time goes by  the song will get more airplay across the nation and elsewhere on the planet. The song and this talented band from Battle Creek, Michigan certainly deserve it.  Oh, by the way. the video is awesome too. Enjoy and remember:

“We are a heroes with a thousand faces.”

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