“All I am saying, is give peace a chance.”

The immortal lyrics in the post title come from John Lennon’s Plastic Ono Band’s song entitled, “Give Peace a Chance.”

Below are two photos taken late Friday morning of a peace symbol and hearts that someone constructed out of rocks in the middle of the Grand River in downtown Grand Rapids, Michigan. Given the tragic events that took place just hours earlier in Connecticut, one has to hope and pray that our society, as well as most others on the planet will more actively advocate, encourage, and promote peaceful resolutions to disputes.

Please join me in holding the victims of this horrific tragedy, along with their families, friends, and the entire community of Newtown in our unified hearts, thoughts, and prayers. Peace my friends.


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4 Responses to “All I am saying, is give peace a chance.”

  1. Lynne says:

    Thank you Rick.


  2. Terry Nobbe says:

    Amen, Rick. Most of us want peace but sadly not all. Until all of us want peace all the time we’ll not enjoy peace until evil is eliminated.


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