India’s largest international airports (by acreage)

Hyderabad's Rajiv Gandhi International - Source:

Hyderabad’s Rajiv Gandhi International –

So often statistics on airports are presented based on passenger traffic, cargo tonnage, or aircraft operations. Instead, the list below shows the 21 international airports in India ranked by the amount of land area (or acreage) they occupy.

Another view of Rajiv Gandhi International Airport - Source:

Another view of Rajiv Gandhi International Airport –

While it is unclear whether there is a definitive relationship between land mass and passenger traffic or aircraft operations, larger airport facilities certainly have a rosier long-term growth advantage as more land is readily available for lengthening/adding runways, expanding/adding terminals,  enlarged air freight storage and distribution, and other ancillary uses.

Delhi's Indira Gandhi International Airport -Source:

Delhi’s Indira Gandhi International Airport –

The most interesting nuance of the 2012 data is the large gap in land area occupied (more than 2,000 acres) between the five largest airports in India and the balance of the list.

       City (Airport name if different)             Acres

  1. Hyderabad (Rajiv Gandhi)                      5,495
  2. Delhi (Indira Gandhi)                                5,220
  3. Mumbai  (Shivaji)                                     4,800
  4. Bengaluru                                                4,000
  5. Kolkata (Bose)                                         1,641
  6. Panaji (Goa)                                             1,424
  7. Chennai                                                   1,400
  8. Nagpur (Ambedkar)                                1,355
  9. Amristar  (Jee)                                         1,250
  10. Kochi (Cochin)                                         1,200 (corrected on 12/26/17)
  11. Lucknow (Singh)                                      1,187
  12. Ahmedabad (Patel)                                    929
  13. Jaipur                                                         716
  14. Tirchuchirapalli                                           702
  15. Guwahati (Bordoloi)                                    628
  16. Thiruvananthapura (Trivandum)                  616
  17. Coimbatore                                                 608
  18. Mangalore                                                   584
  19. Varanassi (Shastri)                                      583
  20. Kozihode (Calicut)                                      378
  21. Port Blair (Savarkar)                                   134


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    Dude, the SI unit followed for the largest airport area-wise is Hectare and not acres. Better check your findings.


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  8. kochi figure is wrong. About 1200 acres only


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    You haven’t mention Gaya International Airport whose size is more than 900 acres.


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