Rolex down the highway



Driving eastbound along Interstate 96 between Grand Rapids and Lansing, I recently noticed there are five separate billboards advertising very expensive jewelry. From Rolex watches to wedding rings to other fine jewelry, there they are, on billboards lit up like sirens drawing you closer.

I don’t know about you, but the last method I would employ for selecting a jeweler is a billboard. How many people actually base their decision of where to shop for diamond rings, glitzy watches, pearl necklaces, fancy earrings, and other fine jewelry on a billboard along a freeway? Seriously, folks?
Instead of plopping down whatever bucks it takes to rent a billboard, maybe it would be nice if the jewelers that advertise on them would consider lowering their mark-up a tad on the jewelry. Now there’s a novel idea. With all the forms of advertising out there in the media and cyberspace, it is hard to imagine people making a direct beeline to a particular store because they saw a lonely billboard somewhere along a freeway – especially since most of them gave absolutely no directions to the store. Just saying.
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